Walk in the world of big offices in big buildings, clocks, robots, computers, developmentsystems and advanced systems.
The futuristic world which isn't the future anymore, but the astonishing reality of today.
Musically it brings the listener to the many aspects and boundaries of today's futuristic world and music.
Up-to-date synthesizer music with influences from different kinds of electronic music: mystical (dark) ambient, retro-electronic, electropop, soft industial and drum & base.
Track 1 CyberATOMICclock (11:30)
Track 2 The CyberCODE (3:15)
Track 3 Cybernetic-ATMOSPHERE (18:11)
Track 4 CyberCYCLUS (7:30)
Track 6 Automatic-REVERSE (8:41)
Track 7 Cyber-STRESS (5:56)
Track 8 MAIN System BurnOUT (5:30)

Here you can listen to all samples of this album

Track 1 and 4 are composed by Rene Montfoort
Track 3 and 6 are composed by Michel Bekkering
Track 5 and 7 are created by Dj ICE, thanks DJ !

All titles composed and mixed by WHITE between June & September 2005.
All tracks mastered by Rene Montfoort, November 2005
Sleeve-design & artwork by Michel Bekkering and Rene Montfoort.